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What is Laser Lipo?

Our Slim Line system is a non-invasive, FDA approved, body contouring system for the reduction of stubborn fat. In addition to proven results and high patient satisfaction, there is absolutely no downtime.

Slim Line is a safe, painless and completely non-invasive treatment for spot fat reduction & aesthetic body contouring.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Non-invasive fat loss
  • Anti-aging
  • Pain management
  • Inflammation treatment
  • Body contouring

Clinical Tests

Vevazz effectiveness and safety has been proven through several rigorous clinical trials.

Conducted with 3 treatments per week over 2 years. Sample size: 232 patients.

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How It Works

Vevazz is an LED light applied directly to the skin which causes the fat cells to open up and release their fat contents. The water, glycerol and free fatty acids leave the cell, and the fat cell shrink naturally. Then the body’s lymphatic system fires up and eliminates those unwanted fatty lipids and toxins.

Importantly the fat cells remain alive, so if the patients regain weight in the future they do so proportionally, unlike the odd weight gain that would occur if the fat cells are killed in the problem areas, then all fat gain goes to joints, neck, or other unusual places.

Treatment times are short, normally 7 to 14 minutes, and minimum to no staff is required during the treatment, plus patients can continue with their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Before and After

David - 47 years old

I have been married for 17 years I have 5 boys. I work for a railroad and am mostly in a vehicle or at a desk doing my job. It's hard to diet with 4 boys at home that have to eat too. This time I am eating healthy and quit drinking and am working out and the Laser Fat loss is working well.

Ready To Get Started With Slim Line Laser Lipo?

Use our interactive map to find locations in your area!